Emmanuel Bornstein

WILD Wechsel

The exhibition WILD Wechsel by Emmanuel Bornstein, conceived for Kunsthalle Rostock, confirms itself as a continuation of his exhibition Shift, realized in 2021 in collaboration with Kunsthalle Rostock and the Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Garonne at Château de Laréole near Toulouse, the artist's birthplace. The conceived individual shows trace the development of Bornstein's work based on his biography, under the sign of a cultural exchange between Germany and France.
WILD Wechsel and Shift provide an overview of the artistic work of the Berlin-based French painter between 2011 and 2021.

In his earlier works, the artist deals primarily with the Holocaust and World War II, and his paintings are strongly influenced by his own family history. The contemplation and processing of this subject matter at the site of the event, namely in Berlin, contributed significantly to the realization of these series, which mark the traces of the past. In the later works, the artist detaches himself from his subjective experience and devotes himself increasingly to the investigation and reconstruction of contemporary context.

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Emmanuel Bornstein, Berlin, 2020
© Michael Josè

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